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Blúmariposa Creative Soul Studios is designed to facilitate personal growth through arts.  Art is an essential part of humanity and a brilliant avenue to soul searching and self-discovery. I appreciate the diversity of art, which is why I have diversified Blúmariposa workshops. From Art Journaling to SoulCollage to Vision Board Themes, as well as Intuitive Painting. There are also workshops for Prayer Flag and Spiritual Round Table discussions that are centered on Angels and include Angel Card Reading among others. My exclusive signature workshops are “Bling Bling your Wings” and “My Map”. All of which are  built around the concept that soul searching, intuition, self empowerment, and creativity are among the most powerful self discovery exercises. They are the best way learn, share and grow your wings. Through Blúmariposa you can hone your inner artist in a process that unites spirituality and healing arts. 


Embracing spirituality opens a door to a new world of endless possibilities. Tapping into this reality provides a haven for growth and healing, precisely what you need for your development and success as a person.

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Soul Coaching

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Meet MariaCatalina

MariaCatalina Powell is a Soul Coaching® Practitioner who has put her professional Foreign Language Educator career of 25 years on the side to continue to follow her soul’s calling and purpose in more creative and spiritual way.

Working with adults and children from around the world has allowed her to broaden her horizons and has helped her realize there is so much more out there she is able to do as an educator and guide moving beyond the black and white pages bringing in and sharing her own life experience in soul work and discovery.

MariaCatalina is a SoulCollage®, MeCards4Kids® and Veriditas ® Labyrinth Facilitator, a Certified Angelologist, Angel Intuitive, Angel Guide and Advanced Angel Card Mastery Practitioner as well as a mixed media and Intuitive Artist/Facilitator and now a Certified Inner Harmony Forest Therapy® Practitioner.

MariaCatalina is the HEARTisan, SOULexplorer and creativeMIND behind blúmariposa creative art studios; a sanctuary which is a safe and magical place for people to explore their souls while also discovering the fascinating world of Angels. Offering a variety of gatherings including her signature workshops.

She brings wisdom and experience as a teacher and guide to her clients both adults and children to inspire and help them go within, connect to their soul, explore, heal and thrive while they awaken to their soul’s purpose through a variety of workshops. all her workshops are a magical fusion of intuition, imagination and color which allow her clients to tap into a world of enlightenment.


Her Soul Coaching  ® begins with a foundation in meditation and ends with an individualized experience where her clients discover their soul’s calling, bring out their potential and help them address what needs healing so they can spark and thrive. She believes in personal GROWth and emPOWERment through Creativity and Spirituality.


MariaCatalina continues to follow her calling as she strongly believes to teach is to learn & to guide is to be guided and with this is mind, she creates deep transformations in every life she touches by encouraging and supporting people to open their wings and take flight!


Workshops and gatherings available in English and Spanish. Offerings in The United States and Colombia.


“Spark Your Soul, Manifest your wings.”

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